General Info

Covers (premade & customs)
  • Full wraps are defaulted to 5x8 in. print, but can be customized. Fina cover will be sent in .PNG and .PDF formats.
  • E-book covers are defaulted to 1600 px x 2560 px, but can be customized. Final cover will be in .JPG format.
  • Once finalized, client reserves full rights and usage. 
  • OGD reserves the right to use final covers for marketing and promotional materials.
  • Acknowledgment must be included within the final book (print and/or eBook).
  • Changes included with purchase includes Title, Author name, back blurb/quote and tagline. Significant changes may incur extra charges.

Premades are typically finished in 1-3 business days unless significant changes are needed.

Custom drafts are typically sent within 3-5 business days from when forms are submitted. Once draft is finalized, final items will be sent within 3 business days.

Premade cover form can be found here.

Custom cover form can be found here.